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F1RST Launches New Website to Enhance Public Safety Training

Land O' Lakes, FL – The Forensic Institute for Research, Security, and Tactics (F1RST) is excited to announce the launch of its new website, designed to streamline the process for public safety professionals to engage with our advanced training programs. The updated website now offers a seamless online registration for courses, the convenience of receiving e-tickets, and direct correspondence capabilities with our dedicated team.

F1RST is a premier collaboration between academia, law enforcement, and the private sector, led by the Pasco Sheriff's Office. With campuses in Land O' Lakes and Spring Hill, Florida, F1RST is committed to advancing public safety through cutting-edge technology, research, and training. Our institute focuses on developing and implementing innovative strategies and tactics to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement and other public safety agencies.

Our new website features:

  • Online Course Registration: Public safety professionals can now easily register for a variety of courses tailored to enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • Mobile Friendly Design: Register on the go! Our entire website is mobile friendly across all platforms and device types.

  • E-Tickets: Registration for attendees is now easier. Upon registration, participants will receive electronic tickets, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in process.

  • Direct Correspondence: Users can now directly communicate with our team, allowing for prompt responses to any inquiries or support needs.

At F1RST, we are dedicated to providing "vision, strategy, and innovation" in public safety. We invite all public safety professionals to explore our new website, register for our courses, and take advantage of the enhanced user experience.

Stay connected with us through our social media channels for the latest updates and insights:

We look forward to continuing our mission of providing innovative solutions and exceptional training to public safety professionals. Join us at F1RST, where vision, strategy, and innovation meet.

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