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Human Performance

At F1RST, our mission-driven leadership training focuses on developing strong leaders who can impact their organizations, communities, and future generations. We feature an innovative leadership reaction course with mini challenges and obstacles that enhance decision-making, adaptability, confidence, and communication. Additionally, expert-led seminars by distinguished leaders from the military, law enforcement, and private sector provide valuable insights and strategies for organizational success.

Human Performance at F1RST: Optimizing Physical and Mental Resilience

At F1RST, we recognize that our people are our most precious asset. Our Human Performance Program is meticulously designed to meet the unique physical and mental needs of first responders. By focusing on strength and conditioning, performance nutrition, and physical therapy, all led by certified professionals, we aim to ensure that our members are ready to face the high demands and complex threats encountered daily in law enforcement.

Holistic Methodology: The Four Pillars of Performance

Through strategic partnerships, we employ a holistic methodology centered around the Four Pillars of Performance: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. This comprehensive approach is designed to:

  • Reduce Injury Rates: Implementing best practices in movement and conditioning to prevent injuries.

  • Expedite Return-to-Duty Timelines: Providing efficient rehabilitation and recovery programs.

  • Enhance Career Longevity and Quality of Life: Fostering long-term physical and mental health for sustained career performance.

Physical and Mental Wellness Programs

Our Human Performance Program offers a range of services and facilities to support the well-being of our members:

  • Strength and Conditioning: Tailored programs to build physical strength and endurance.

  • Performance Nutrition: Personalized nutrition plans to fuel optimal performance.

  • Physical Therapy: Comprehensive rehabilitation services to support recovery from injuries.

Emotional and Mental Health Support

Understanding the psychological challenges faced by first responders, our program includes:

  • Seminars on Emotional Survival and PTSD: Expert-led sessions addressing the emotional aspects of law enforcement work.

  • Development of a Mental Health App: Providing anonymous access to mental health resources, ensuring privacy and ease of use.

PSO Resilience Center

The PSO Resilience Center is a state-of-the-art facility equipped to support the physical and mental health of our members. It features:

  • Free Weights and Pneumatic Trainers: For strength training and conditioning.

  • Cardiovascular Equipment: To enhance cardiovascular health and endurance.

  • Dedicated Spaces for Recovery: Promoting rest and recuperation post-training.

Commitment to Our Members

At F1RST, our commitment to our members extends beyond their professional duties. We aim to support them and their families both personally and professionally, ensuring they are fully prepared for the demanding tasks they face daily. By investing in their physical and mental well-being, we strive to enhance their overall quality of life and career longevity.


The Human Performance Program at F1RST is dedicated to optimizing the physical and mental resilience of our first responders. By focusing on a holistic approach to wellness, we ensure that our members are not only prepared to meet the challenges of their profession but also thrive in their personal lives. At F1RST, we are proud to support our most valuable asset—first responders.


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