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Public Safety K9

Explore our cutting-edge K9 training and research program, focused on optimizing the effectiveness and well-being of working dogs in public safety roles. With innovative tactics and comprehensive studies, we're advancing the capabilities of K9 units worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing K9 deployment and safeguarding communities.

Innovating Public Safety K9 Training at F1RST

Working dogs have never been more vital to public safety than they are today. Recognizing their importance, F1RST has established a tactical training center dedicated to revolutionizing the way first responders in America and worldwide utilize K9s to resolve modern-day conflicts and disasters. Through innovative partnerships and cutting-edge research, F1RST is set to challenge traditional K9 tactics and transform public safety training.

Helen A. Rich Research and Training Campus

A significant addition to our program is the Helen A. Rich Research and Training Campus, generously donated by Helen A. Rich. This state-of-the-art facility includes a classroom, kennel, and indoor training areas, providing comprehensive resources for both the dogs and their handlers. The campus is also set to include a Tactical Lab (Tac Lab) and veterinary science facilities, further enhancing our ability to train and care for working dogs.

Advanced Training Facilities

F1RST boasts state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor training facilities designed for real-world scenario-based training. These facilities ensure that K9 teams can train in environments that closely mimic the situations they will face in the field. One of the program’s standout features is two FEMA certified rubble piles, one of only three in Florida, which is essential for conducting search and rescue, canine live find, and human remains detection exercises.

Comprehensive K9 Training and Research

Our program is not just about training; it's also a hub for research and development. The K9 training facilities include dedicated research and veterinary spaces, enabling studies in veterinary medicine, fitness, and nutrition tailored to the unique needs of working dogs. By integrating training with scientific research, F1RST aims to enhance the overall effectiveness and well-being of K9 units.

Partnership-Driven Innovation

At the heart of F1RST's mission is collaboration. By bringing together researchers and practitioners under one roof, we create an environment that fosters the study and advancement of working dogs in public safety roles. This collaboration provides invaluable insights into both the physiological and psychological impacts of various assignments on K9s. It also helps develop a shared understanding of how these dogs are deployed in real-life situations, paving the way for innovative methods and tactics that improve the use and care of working dogs.

A New Era in K9 Training

F1RST is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in K9 training and deployment. By challenging traditional tactics and embracing new research and technologies, we are setting new standards in public safety K9 training. Our goal is to equip first responders with the skills and knowledge they need to utilize their K9 partners effectively, ensuring they are prepared to face any challenge.


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