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At F1RST, our mission-driven leadership training focuses on developing strong leaders who can impact their organizations, communities, and future generations. We feature an innovative leadership reaction course with mini challenges and obstacles that enhance decision-making, adaptability, confidence, and communication. Additionally, expert-led seminars by distinguished leaders from the military, law enforcement, and private sector provide valuable insights and strategies for organizational success.

Leadership Development at F1RST: Cultivating Tomorrow's Leaders Today

At F1RST, we understand that strong leadership is essential to achieving our mission of advancing forensic science, security, and tactical research. Our goal is to develop leaders who can transform their organizations, influence their communities, and inspire the next generation. The F1RST Leadership and Development Center is equipped with modern classrooms, meeting spaces, and a Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) to support training in design thinking and leadership development.

Leadership Reaction Course

The Leadership Reaction Course is a series of mini challenges and obstacles designed to foster teamwork and leadership skills. This immersive experience is aimed at developing crucial abilities such as decision-making, adaptability, confidence, and communication. Participants navigate through these challenges, learning to rely on their peers and their own leadership capabilities to succeed.

Leadership Seminars and Training

F1RST offers a range of leadership seminars guided by accomplished leaders from the military, law enforcement, and private sectors. These seminars provide invaluable insights into the philosophies, methods, and experiences that drive organizational success. Through these interactions, participants gain practical knowledge and strategies that can be directly applied to enhance their professional and personal leadership journeys.

Community and Youth Engagement

The F1RST Leadership Center is also a hub for community engagement and youth leadership programs. We host the Pasco Sheriff’s Explorer programs and collaborate with agencies such as Pasco County Schools and the Boy Scouts of America. Our camps and programs introduce youth to careers in law enforcement, forensics, robotics, and cybersecurity while imparting life lessons essential for success in any profession.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Through these initiatives, F1RST aims to inspire young people and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to become future leaders. By fostering an environment of learning and growth, we ensure that the next generation is prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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