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"Building a Strong Intelligence Capability for Effective Crime Prevention" - In today's complex working environment, law enforcement faces advanced and persistent threats that require new tactics and strategies to combat. A solid intelligence capability is the first step towards creating an impervious web of protection. Our program focuses on developing well-trained professionals to action cutting-edge strategies to counter multiple threat vectors, including violent criminal offenders and transnational organized crime

Intelligence Studies at F1RST: Enhancing Security Through Advanced Intelligence and Policing Strategies

At F1RST, we believe that security is the most powerful tool in combating crime, with prevention at its core. The cornerstone of this strategy lies in developing a robust intelligence capability, supported by the training of professionals skilled in implementing cutting-edge strategies.

Addressing 21st Century Threats

F1RST is dedicated to helping law enforcement navigate the complexities of modern threats. Today’s criminal adversaries and advanced, persistent threats are constantly evolving. The current threat landscape has expanded beyond traditional criminality, allowing nefarious actors to exploit weaknesses in current response and policing practices. F1RST equips law enforcement agencies to counter these multifaceted threats, including violent criminals, transnational organized crime, homegrown violent extremists, foreign terrorist organizations, violent gangs, and cybercriminals. We emphasize the adoption of innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures to address these diverse threat vectors.

Adapting to a Multidimensional Crime Environment

The nature of crime and threats is continually evolving, requiring new and innovative strategies. F1RST focuses on defining and understanding this dynamic crime environment. We partner with organizations and research entities to develop, evaluate, and promote methods that enhance crime impact, disaster response, and community safety. Our intelligence studies and policing strategies discipline is designed to keep law enforcement at the forefront of innovation.

Strategic Partnerships for Innovation

F1RST's collaborative approach is exemplified through partnerships with leading institutions such as the University of South Florida’s Social and Psychological Research for Understanding Crime and its Etiology (SPRUCE) lab, Pasco-Hernando State College, Pasco County Schools, the Naval Postgraduate School, and Echo Analytics. These partnerships provide a robust framework for advancing current policing methods and discovering new strategies. By working closely with researchers, F1RST ensures that new techniques, methods, and strategies are empirically evaluated for their effectiveness and efficiency.

Advancing Law Enforcement Capabilities

Through our intelligence studies program, F1RST is dedicated to equipping law enforcement professionals with the skills and knowledge required to tackle contemporary threats. Our environment of innovation and collaboration enhances the capability of law enforcement to anticipate, prevent, and respond to complex criminal activities and threats. This comprehensive approach not only improves crime prevention and response but also supports the creation of safer, more resilient communities.

At F1RST, we are committed to redefining security through advanced intelligence and policing strategies. By harnessing the power of partnerships and innovative research, we are developing the next generation of law enforcement professionals who are well-equipped to protect our communities in an ever-changing threat landscape.

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